AppBlocker - Stay Focused

Reduce your screen time and avoid social media burnout.

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How will AppBlocker help?

AppBlocker helps you stay focused by blocking distracting apps and websites, reducing your screen time and allowing you to prioritize what's most important.

🚫 📱 Block apps

You can block out addictive apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit or any other app installed on your phone.

👤 Schedule app blocks with Profiles

Want to get work done Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 17:00 and you don't want to get distracted by your phone? Setup a profile and focus on your priorities.

🔞 📱 Block websites and pornography

You can easily block any addictive website. One-tap block over 20.000 porn websites.

🔒 👶 Lock Mode / Parental control

Setup a password and prevent yourself or your child from easily bypassing the blocking functions.

📈 Phone usage Statistics

See how much you've been using your phone in the past week/month/year.

👎 Negative reinforcement

You can opt-in to launch an annoying ad whenever you're about to launch one of the blocked apps.